Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

Most medical professionals receive employment agreements that require the employee to sign and return by or before a certain date. Sometimes, employers give employees as little as three days to sign and return an employment agreement. Some employees sign and return the employment agreement on site, some sign and return after one day; but employees do not take the entire amount of time given to properly review and negotiate the employment agreement. 

Employers believe they can give employees unrealistic deadlines to rush an employee into signing an agreement; this gives the employer the advantage in that they are making the offer and they can do so on their terms. Many times, those terms are advantageous mostly to the employer. Before you know it, you’re on the job working and learning about the unfair terms of your employment agreement. 

Scope Contracts was created with this goal in mind: medical professionals run on a tight schedule and most do not have the time to review and negotiate their own employment agreements, especially when time constraints are placed by the employer; Scope gives medical professionals the ability to have an agreement reviewed and returned within a short period of time to allow the professional to determine their next step. Scope also gives medical professionals negotiation support when the employment terms need to be changed. 

Scope is an affordable, streamlined platform that is user friendly, and allows medical professionals to easily navigate and download their contracts for review. You never have to second guess your employment agreement again!