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Physician employment contracts and agreements can have a long-term influence on a physician’s career. We have extensive expertise in examining and counseling physicians on their employment contracts.
Physician Contract Review

Contract Review and Negotiation For Physicians Throughout The USA

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Our expertise in analyzing and negotiating physician contracts with every major hospital and healthcare provider provides doctors with unrivaled value. We will provide an adequate lawyer for your employment contract. Our team comprises the country’s finest physician contract review law team.

Why do Physicians Need a Contract Review Lawyer?

Lower-than-average pay is widespread, and these provisions can be damaging to a physician’s career without the expert legal monitoring of a medical contract attorney.
You can save thousands of dollars by hiring a physician contract attorney. Your physician contract lawyer can adjust the whole financial picture of a contract to your demands, whether it is through more salary or a better work schedule.

Our Options

Standard Contract Review

Scope streamlines the physician contract review procedure. After signing up, you will be scheduled to meet with an attorney who specializes in physician employment contracts.
Our attorney will advise you on the best course of action to pursue and will also bargain on your behalf. Our team has years of experience negotiating with health systems and their legal teams. If you believe that negotiating by yourself would be more effective, our lawyer will guide you through the procedure to ensure that everything goes properly.
We provide physicians with legal counseling, review their contracts in detail, and help negotiate better contracts without the need for expensive lawyer fees.

Exit Strategy

Not every physician’s contract is fulfilled. Our experts will evaluate your current contract and any hospital recruitment agreement, then meet with you to explain the problem and provide options for exiting the contract.
Finally, we negotiate with your present company on your behalf and propose a transition strategy for the new employer.


Even seemingly-good physician employment contracts allow for changes. There are several reasons to reconsider before renewing your contract, including changes in the healthcare system and a physician’s age.


Physicians creating partnerships or merging into larger practice groups can benefit both the physician and the patient. These perks include pooling expenditures in order to accept more patients.
Partnerships, however, have their challenges, which is why it is critical to enter the partnership with a comprehensive grasp of what each party wants from the agreement.

Don’t Get Burned By Your Contract!

We assist physicians in obtaining complete legal review, navigating non-compete limitations, and negotiating more robust employment contracts and partnership agreements without the high cost of a law firm. We provide physicians with the confidence they need to negotiate and execute physician contracts.
We understand how to negotiate medical contracts without upsetting the opposing side by over-lawyering the process.

Analyze complete compensation and benefits

Evaluate productivity and practice finances

Guarantee your rights are protected

Look out for loopholes

Why Choose Resolve

Why do Thousands of Physicians Work With Inspect Law?

Before signing these physician employment contracts, we recommend that you have someone experienced with healthcare employment agreements review any formal paperwork that has been offered to you. To those who are new to contract wording, there are a variety of intricacies that can be easily ignored and may be critical to your overall career objectives.
Our contract review specialists take the time to understand who you are as an individual to ensure that you enter into an employment agreement that will help you achieve your long-term financial goals while also allowing you to work in a setting that is most appropriate for your career expectations.