We give data to assist you in reviewing, understanding, and negotiating the contract so that you can be confident in your decision. We even make it an exciting learning experience.
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Protecting your Information

Every communication between you and your lawyer is encrypted to ensure your data's privacy and security. We always keep your information private.

Updates and Communication

Receive updates regarding the status of your contract review and interact with your attorney via email.

We’re Committed To Your Services

We pair you with an expert attorney who specializes in contract review in your area.

Protecting Your Rights and Career

Prior to signing, physicians must thoroughly research and comprehend each provision of the contract. After signing, you cannot escape fines by arguing that you did not comprehend certain conditions.
At Scope, we assist physicians in achieving success by ensuring that their contracts represent their intended employment and do not unfairly limit their careers.

Understand The Risk Before You Sign

The value of a physician contract review is well worth the peace of mind it provides. As healthcare lawyers, we are aware of the pitfalls. We prepare for possibilities that the contract may not encompass.

Contracted Review Services



Our legal staff has evaluated thousands of contracts, so we're no strangers to contract negotiations. Indeed, many of the physicians we work with are confident enough to sign their contracts once we have completed our entire financial and legal evaluation of their contracts.

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Exit Strategy

Not every physician's contract is fulfilled. Our experts will evaluate your current contract and any hospital recruitment agreement, then meet with you to explain the problem and provide options for exiting the contract.

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New Practice

You might assume that, as employment attorneys, pointing out this error is self-serving, but it's true – the number one mistake that new physicians make is not speaking with an employment attorney who specializes in physician contract review.

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